Young Volunteering Delivering Meals during Corona Virus outbreak


Ciara seen here with meals ready to deliver meals

This dedicated volunteer is Ciara Walker, she is doing an amazing job delivering meals to people that are in the shielded category and unable to leave their homes.

From Monday to Friday each week she picks up the meals from the Pultenytown Peoples Project [PPP] and delivers over 30 meals each day to people around Wick in her own car. She said that many of the people are very lonely and isolated and want her to “come in for a cup of tea” forgetting that this is not possible, so they have a little chat from the safety of the garden path.

Ciara is currently on Furlough from her full time job in hospitality and when she found herself at a loose end she decided to come forward to volunteer. Initially her volunteering role was to dog walk for shielded people before moving onto the meal delivery service.

At the same time, she also helped her aunt, Lindsay Broomfield, to deliver Scrub sewing packs throughout Caithness. Her Aunt decided to support the Love of Scrubs campaign and is coordinating Scrub production locally to a team of volunteer sewers. Ciara helps distribute the pre-cut items to volunteers and then collects the sewn garments and masks again.

Ciara’s little car has travelled many miles in the last few months bringing a ray of sunshine to many people with her friendly face and kind words. Ciara has enjoyed volunteering with the elderly and vulnerable and feels that she has empathy and skills that she was unaware of, she definitely found this a very rewarding experience.

And so let’s put our hands together and clap for all the volunteer Key workers