Young Start Funding

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On Thursday 30th August. We will fund activity that helps children and young people aged between eight and 24 years of age to be more confident and play an active part in realising their own potential.

How much money can groups apply for?

Groups can now apply for grants between £10 and £100k, and for up to 3 years. This funding is not open to individuals.

So can groups apply for £100k a year for three years?

The maximum award is £100k in total, regardless of the length of the grant though we are keen to spread our funding as best we can, so we still expect to fund many projects below the maximum amount.

How long will it take to get a grant?

We will let groups know our decision approximately three months after they submit an application.

Are there any closing dates or deadlines?

There are currently no planned closing dates or deadlines. We will make awards on a rolling basis.

What are the aims of this fund?

Through Young Start we will fund organisations that deliver work where:

  • Children and young people have better physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Children and young people have better connections with the wider community
  • Children and young people get access to new skills and training opportunities which will help them get a new job or start a business

We also want to fund work that is people-led, strength-based and connected. We believe these approaches are vital in making sure that our funding makes the biggest difference possible. Find out more about what these approaches mean in practice on our websiteCelebrating Young Start reopening – social media posts