The Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund

The Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund is a Scottish Government fund worth £500,000 administered by Corra Foundation. Coronavirus has had a significant effect in the way we all live and work. It has impacted on how as neighbours and communities we connect and relate to each other. The purpose of the Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund is to provide small grants to community and voluntary groups across Scotland who are connecting and supporting people within their local community. The Fund aims to specifically reach groups who:

  • Have strong local relationships.
  • Help increase the wellbeing and social connections for communities.

It is only available to groups that are rooted in their community, require a small amount of money, and have received little/or no emergency funding during the pandemic.

Grants usually between £1,000 – £2,000 (maximum of up to £5,000) will be available. Funds will be unrestricted to help groups cover running costs or deliver support or activities in their local area over the next 12 months. Examples of what funds could cover:

  • Providing ongoing support to local people impacted by coronavirus (e.g. social connections/ shopping).
  • Helping pay for volunteer expenses.
  • Covering rental for accessing community space (when restrictions are lifted and access to space is allowed).
  • Planning future activities during school holiday periods.
  • Helping volunteers and community members stay safe (e.g. PPE, training).
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