Reilience Fund phase two

With Phase 2, the Scottish Government has refined the focus of the fund so it benefits the maximum number of organisations possible, prioritising those most at risk of immediate closure. The new focus is also about working better in conjunction with other Scottish and UK Governments programmes.
The most up to date information, Guidance Notes and FAQs have now been updated on the but here are the main changes you need to be aware of and what they mean if you are in the process of applying:

  • Applicants must be at risk of or unable to cover essential costs within 12 weeks from the date of application. This means that if your available cash reserves (i.e. money in the bank) can see you through the next three months, unfortunately, the fund will not be able to help
  • The maximum grant amount you can apply for is £75,000 (previously £100,000)
  • Funding requests must be for three months (previously four months)
  • Eligible costs will be mostly limited to overheads and essential staff. By essential we mean the employees you need to keep the organisation going (e.g. to run payroll, undertake critical maintenance, etc.)
  • All grant applications requesting £50,000 or more will be considered for a loan, a grant or a blended approach (part grant, part loan)
  • The fund will work even closer with the Just Enterprise programme to make sure that applicants understand their financial position and future need before applying or resubmitting an application. This means that if you apply for a grant but are unsuccessful, they may recommend that you access Just Enterprise support before applying again