Pupil Equity Funding

Pupil Equity Funding, as part of the Scottish Government Attainment Scotland Fund,is funding allocated directly to schools to help close the poverty related attainment gap. This funding is spent at the discretion of Head Teachers working in partnership with each other and their local authority and at present Third Sector services/ activities available to them,  are held within the PEF database. If you would like your organisation’s details to be added to the database please complete and return the attached Registration form to healthadmin@highlandtsi.org.uk.

In order to support Head Teachers’ understanding and image of the work of the sector and what is on offer, we are approaching an additional way of promoting the work you do by providing your information in brochure format.If you would also like your service to be included in this booklet can you complete the attached questions and return to healthadmin@highlandtsi.org.uk  as soon as possible please. Each service will have its own page so if you have more than one service you need to complete the questions for each one.  Some of this will be included in the information you provided for the database so a cut and paste job is fine if you are happy with that. If you want a specific image or photo used on your page then please provide that with the questions being returned.

The Head Teachers were keen to receive this document and we believe that it will help them work through the information on the database in a new way which may generate more interest in what is available.