Scottish Government Volunteering Support Fund

The Scottish Government’s Volunteering Support Fund is now open for applications.  The £3.3 million Fund will be delivered on its behalf by Impact Funding Partners over the next 3 years.  Organisations can apply for up to £30,000 to March 2024.  

The fund is geared towards organisations in Scotland with an annual income of under £250,000.  It will enable Scotland’s small to medium sized third sector organisations to recruit additional volunteers who will contribute towards delivering a new volunteering project, or extending/expanding an existing one, and improve how volunteers are supported in their role. The fund will support organisations to deliver on four key outcomes:

  • Increase diversity in the third sector’s volunteer pool, to particularly include people who experience disadvantage or would traditionally experience barriers to volunteering
  • Improve governance, leadership and financial knowledge of organisations through the recruitment of skilled volunteers to enhance the third sector’s capacity
  • Improve organisational capacity to provide opportunities for skills and personal development through volunteering
  • Enhance services delivered by organisations to better meet the needs of the communities they serve. A full overview of the fund plus information on how to apply can be found on Impact Funding Partners website:


Smarter Choices, Smarter Place Fund now open.

The Smarter Choices, Smarter Places (SCSP) Open Fund aims to encourage people to change their everyday travel behaviours. Grants are available to encourage people to use buses and community car clubs for longer journeys; walking and cycling for short journeys, and home-working to replace daily commutes.

The Open Fund is available to support public, third and community sector organisations. The fund aims to help cut Scotland’s carbon emissions and improve our air quality. It will also help reverse the trend towards sedentary lifestyles and will tackle health inequalities.

Grants available are between £5000 and £50,000 and need to be match funded.

Over the previous three years the Open Fund awarded £6.7 million in grants for 260 different projects all over Scotland. Our Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Annual Report 2019/20 is available to download which details the impact of our funding. A full list of projects in funded in 2020/21 is available to download. There are some great examples of SCSP funded projects within our Success Stories. link below

Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Open Fund | Paths for All

Volunteer with Whale & Dolphin conservation-Shorewatch

north coast training and public watching 

Why not volunteer to support this conservation charity to monitor marine life around our coastline.!  Volunteers receive training to identify dolphin and whale species and gather data.  This is an interesting volunteer opportunity for people who are out and about on a regular basis.   The coordinator will be in Caithness in June so sign up for the next Training.   Click link to open poster with details.

21st June 10 – 3.30 Shorewatch Training online

22nd June Shorewatching from Trinkie 10-12.30pm

22nd June Shorewatching from St John’s point 5-7 pm

23rd June Shorewatching from Strathy Lighthouse 10-12 pm

25th June Shorewatching from Scrabster lighthouse 10 -12.30 pm

Community Ownership Fund

The Community Ownership Fund will help ensure that important parts of the social fabric, such as pubs, sports clubs, theatres and post office buildings, can continue to play a central role in towns and villages across the UK. This will form part of the UK government’s levelling up agenda, helping support recovery and building opportunity, with funding weighted towards places where community assets can make the most difference

Opening first bidding round for the Community Ownership Fund will open by June 2021