Befriending Caithness

Befriending Caithness is a voluntary service that aims to reduce isolation and loneliness in the county by matching volunteers to older isolated adults in the Caithness area.


Befriending is a supported one to one relationship between a befriender (volunteer) and a befriendee (someone who has been referred to us).  Befriending means meeting with each other once a week and sharing in an activity which has been mutually agreed.


Referrals can be made by self referral, support workers, health care professionals, or other voluntary organisations who recognise a need in an individual.


Once a referral has been made, a home visit is arranged where the individual needs of the befriendee is assessed and matched up to one of our trained volunteers who will become their befriender.  The volunteer will have received training and agreed to a list of activities that can be carried out during each visit.


You too can become a Befriender – do you have good listening skills, are you trustworthy and reliable?  Do you have an ability to motivate and encourage others whilst showing patience and understanding?  Contact Angie at the above address for more details.

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