New Opening Hours

Caithness Voluntary Group are no different to any other organisation in the third sector facing difficult financial times.  We are partly funded by the Scottish Government via Highland Third Sector Interface (HTSI) and partly funded by our own enterprise such as rental income.  We have recenty been informed by HTSI that our funding is being cut by 13% equivalent to £11,600.  Our sister organisations in the Highlands are also facing cuts as HTSI look to centralise work at their base in Dingwall.  This is obviously a worrying development not only for CVG but for the groups and individuals we support and something about which we will be making representations to our elected officials and the Scottish Government.

We are determined to continue to support the vital Community sector in Caithness but need to balance our budget.  One of the measures that we are taking is changing our office hours.  From 1 October we will now be open from 9.30 – 2pm Monday to Friday.  During those hours Helen and Mary will be delighted to help you with services including typing, photocopying, printing of newsletters, quizzes etc, laminating, mailing lists/labels, scanning, tickets and programmes.  We also have an Umnrella lottery licence.