Invite to apply to your local Wick store for the Tesco Community Grant scheme

Currently the Tesco Community Grant scheme will award grants to charities and community organisations to fund local good causes whose focus is on supporting:

Children, Young People and Families, Food Insecurity (eg, food growing, old folk’s lunch clubs, food banks, breakfast clubs etc.) They are looking for applications to the  Wick store for Food Insecurity themed activity, Funding pots of £500, up to £1000 and up to £1500 will be available for projects and Tesco customers will be able to choose which project receives the most funding by voting in store every time they shop.

If your application is successful, this is a good opportunity for your group’s profile to be highlighted in a public place for a good length of time and you could arrange other fundraising initiatives around that voting period. The scheme is open to registered charities and community organisations, via an on-line application form, with a guidance notes, which you can find here Apply for a grant – Tesco Community Grants