HMRC Job Retention Scheme

Monday 20 April is an incredibly important day for all employers who have furloughed their workers. The Job Retention Scheme (JRS) goes live at 8am on Monday with full digital support.

The Chancellor announced the JRS on 20 March to enable employees to remain on the payroll through being ‘furloughed’. Employers simply need to claim the cash grant from HMRC and to support this we’ve put in place an online application service which can handle up to 450,000 applications an hour. Employers should then receive the money to pay their employees within 6 days, enabling them to meet the April payroll.

HMRC emailed two million employers yesterday (Friday) providing a link to a five-step guide to claiming and advising that they don’t need to call us unless they have a problem. This is to keep the phone lines free for those who really need us.