Highland Green Health Partnership

Green Health Benefits


With spring around the corner we will be looking forward to some nice weather and more daylight to enable us to get outside more.  There is more and more evidence that making more use of local green spaces and natural places can help guard against and manage key health issues such as depression, coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity and dementia.  For youngsters contact with natural spaces in early years has also been shown to improve long term health outcomes in later life. 

Green health activities involve interaction with nature wherever it may be found and the benefits can be achieved in landscapes/environments that are man-made such as gardens, parks and urban spaces as well as wild spaces. 

Working with the Highland Green Health Partnership, Caithness Voluntary Group is undertaking a mapping exercise to identify what all opportunities there are In Caithness to enjoy some time outdoors.  If you or a group you are a member of run activities outdoors or provide a space that can be enjoyed we would be delighted to hear from you.  If you could drop us an e-mail to helen@cvg.org.uk, phone us at 01955 603453 or send a message to our facebook page we will get back to you to gather further information. 

The aim at the end of the project will be the availability of a green health directory available to everyone and hopefully a raised awareness of the benefits of using our outdoor environment more regularly.  It will also enable better partnership working and identify any gaps in provision.