British Red Cross Digital Training

British Red Cross are running free digital classrooms which are available for adults 19 plus and young people aged between 10-19. This is an opportunity to learn new skills and connect with others. The digital sessions are run via zoom or teams. The group can join with their devices individually or a Red Cross educator can present to an entire group if they are all in the same location.

Free digital sessions for children and young people (aged 10-19) years old cover a range of topics including:

  • first aid
  • empathy and migration
  • tackling loneliness

A range of digital education session for adults, including a brand-new workshop, Adapt & recover from adversity.

  • Adapt & recover from adversity: reflect on how the Pandemic has impacted on you, and learn skills to help yourself and others adapt to returning to normality.
  • First aid: learn essential, life-saving skills to help in an emergency.
  • Tackling loneliness digitally: during this time, many more of us are feeling lonely and isolated. This workshop provides the opportunity to speak openly about how it might feel to be lonely or isolated and learn skills to help others who may be suffering.

Tea, learn and connect: an informal session which takes place every Wednesday on Zoom. A safe space for adults to see familiar faces, chat with others and learn new things. Available for individual bookings only.