Vote for John O Groats Mill Trust

The Ecclesiastical 'Movement for Good' Fund is giving away £1m to great causes all they need is as much support & nominations as possible. £1000 would go a long way!

Here is what you need to do:

1. Visit :
2. Click 'Nominate Now'.
3. Fill in the form.  Charity Number is: SC047345
4. Confirm!

Simple! It should only take 2 or 3 minutes. The closing date for nominations is 17th May. This gives lots of time to drum up as much nominations as possible and if everyone passed the details onto their families/friends/neighbours/pets they could be in with a serious chance of gaining £1000.


MFR Cash For Kids

MFR Cash for Kids exists solely to help children up to and including the age of 18.

Grant applications can only be made to children that live in/registered charities that help children in the MFR broadcast area

Consideration for grants will only be given to projects aiming to help children up to the age of 18 years who are ill, disabled or disadvantaged. The next closing date for applications is 31st May. to find out more go to


Resilient Comunities Fund, North of Scotland

The Resilient Communities Fund North of Scotland is open for applications until 23rd May. The fund will support projects that achieve one of the following criteria: 1. Vulnerability – To protect the welfare of vulnerable community members through enhancing their resilience and improving community participation and effectiveness. 2. Resilience for Emergency Events – To enhance community facilities, services and communication specifically to support the local response in the event of a significant emergency event. They are offering grants of up to £20,000 to support community resilience projects. To find out more go to


Scottish Governance Code for third Sector

The Scottish Governance Code for the Third Sector
This Scottish Governance Code has been created for the third sector, by the third sector. It is a statement of best practice and has been developed by Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum following consultation with over 250 individuals and organisations. The first Code to be produced specifically for Scotland’s third sector, it recognises the need for the sector to have its own principles of governance and sets out the core principles and key elements of good governance for the boards of charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises in Scotland. The Code has been developed with reference to a broad range of other governance codes across the UK.
Good governance matters because it underpins successful organisations. It matters in all sectors, but especially in ours where the purpose is to serve our beneficiaries as best we can. A good reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy. Good governance underpins our effectiveness and is also the best way to protect and enhance the reputation of our individual organisations and our sector as a whole. Over 250,000 trustees in Scotland are volunteers and give their time and skills on a voluntary basis to steer the work of third sector organisations. Individually as trustees and collectively as boards, they are the bastions of good governance. This Code is for them. For you. Please use it, share it and help us promote good governance. Visit: