Saltire Awards

Welcome to the Awards page.  Find out about the Saltire Awards locally in Caithness.  FAQccg-saltire-awards-banner 150

What are the Saltire Awards?   The Saltire Awards are endorsed by the Scottish Government to promote volunteering for young people aged between 12-25.  It is a popular Scottish -wide iniative created to encourage volunteering for personal growth and to help the community.  The local support contact is Catherine Patterson at Caithness Voluntary Group[CVG].

What do I have to do to get an award?  First you have to register with the local CVG office, or create an online account.  You might already be volunteering but if you are not then Catherine can help you find a volunteering opportunity.  Once you are in a volunteering role with your chosen group[or school] all you need to do is keep a log of your hours and get an authorising person within the group to sign- off these hours.  It is simple, there is no additional form filling required.

What do I do then?

Once you have accumulated some hours it is up to you to contact Catherine at CVG, or go onto your online Saltire account and click onto request a cerfificate this generates an email through to the Wick office. Catherine will then contact your group and get verification that the hours submitted are accurate.  Your certificate can then be issued.  You will then be contacted about how you wish to receive your certificate.

How Many Hours do I need & What are the levels?    The Approach levels are issued when you complete 10 and 25 hours

The Ascent levels are 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours.   When you reach a level you do NOT need go back to the beginning hours are carried forward to reach the next level.

The Summit award is to recognist volunteers who have completed a minimum of 200 hours and who have exceeded expectations.  There are only 12 of these Summit Awards issued in Highland annually.

In addition, for people wanting to volunteer but not on a continuous basis you can achieve an individual Saltire challenge certificate if you have helped at a single event, e.g. fundraising, environmental project etc.

IMPORTANT   you might be volunteering with several groups?  all hours can be added up together to reach award levels and you can leave at any point, you do not need to reach all of the awrd levels.

How do I register or get an online account?  Joining is simple!  You can either contact CVG…….. email:  …….. or register online at the Saltire Website       when you go to the Saltire webpage simply click sign up today and follow the guidance to create your own secure online account.

  So sign up today!!!!   contact Catherine Patterson 01955 609968 for more information about  awards.   

Volunteers receiving their Saltire Awards for helping the LEGO group at Thurso Library
L-R Morag Mackay, Joanna Reiss, Jamie Thomson & Calum Sutherland