Caithness Food Friends

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Caithness Food Friends is a new food sharing initiative, where volunteers cook and take a homemade meal to an elderly person within the local area, and over time create the opportunity to build a friendship.

“If it's going spare, you may as well share”

After a consultation process, Caithness Voluntary Group, Highland 3 in partnership with NHS Highland, have identified this specific need to benefit the socially, isolated elderly in our community. A totally individual service.

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Service Aims
At Food Friends we believe supporting the elderly by providing a healthy nutritional meal and encouraging them with their appetite; possibly giving support after a hospital stay, can nurture a feeling of positive community spirit. 

“Make it right, make friends with their appetite”

orange peaReferring

Referrals can be made with the elderly person’s knowledge, permission by a variety of health care professionals, support workers, family or other voluntary organisations who recognise a need in an individual. Self-referrals are also welcomed.

Once a referral has been made, a home visit is arranged and individual needs are assessed and matched to a trained volunteer, a Food Friend.

We need Food Friends, could you volunteer?

  • Volunteer 1 Hour, Once a week to visit an elderly person
  • Prepare, then pop round a meal
  • Encouraging appetite
  • Taking a beneficial and nutritional meal
  • Supporting after a hospital staystraw bean
  • Do you have good Listening skills?
  • Are you trustworthy and reliable?
  • A chance to develop a trusting relationship
  • Offering an opportunity to engage with volunteers
  • Able to Reduce social isolation
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Help maintain a sense of community
  • Do you have an ability to motivate and encourage others whilst
    showing patience and understanding?

Then becoming a Food Friend could be for you!  “You can Make & Take”

Being a Food Friend will give you the opportunity to meet new and exciting people and be a valued member of the Food Friends Team.

If you think you’re just the person to join our team and would like more information on becoming a Food Friend, please contact:

Caithness Food Friends Co-ordinator: Victoria Denley Spencer

Tel: 01955 609968


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