Good Life Good Death Good Grief – Small Grants Scheme

Two small grants schemes are available to help organisations to participate in To Absent Friends, a people’s festival of storytelling and remembrance, taking place across Scotland from 1st – 7th November. To Absent Friends is an annual festival that offers people a chance to celebrate and remember those who have died, through stories, celebrations and acts of reminiscence. In previous years, events at the festival have included concerts, music nights, exhibitions, immersive theatre and spoken word performances. The festival now welcomes grant applications from any group that wishes to hold an event for the festival. Approaches to the concept are likely to be varied and are not restricted to the types of events held in previous years. We encourage creative and innovative ideas that provide public opportunities for storytelling and/or remembrance within local communities. More details on the two schemes and information on how to apply is available the website at:
or contact Robert Peacock on 0131 272 2735 or email: