Bank of Scotland Foundation

This Small Grants Programme accepts applications up to and including £20,000 from charities registered in Scotland
â– Developing and improving local communities
â– Financial literacy and financial inclusion
Within any community, there will be a diverse collection of individuals and charities tackling local issues. Some issues will be unique to the local area, others will be replicated across the country or parts of it.

â– Initiatives designed to encourage the involvement in the community of those too often excluded
â– Working with people on low incomes, at risk from poverty or with problems finding accommodation
â– Improving the standard of local facilities
Financial literacy and financial inclusion
Making informed judgements and taking effective decisions regarding money are important skills – skills which some people can find to be beyond their grasp. Building the confidence and competence of everyone about finance is a particular priority for the Bank of Scotland Foundation. In order to achieve this, is committed to supporting financial literacy and financial inclusion right across Scotland. They aim to help make these essential skills both easy and accessible for all.

Initiatives that they are particularly interested in supporting are:

â– Promoting financial awareness and money advice
â– Enhancing debt counselling services within the community
â– Supporting life-skills in all age groups and sections of the community
Applying for a grant
Applications are accepted up to and including £20,000 for the Small Grants Programme and grants are awarded for one year only. All grant requests must be made using the standard Small Grants Application Form. Please ensure you read the guidelines thoroughly before completing your application.  Next closing date Monday 16th January 2012