Aspiring Communities Fund

The Scottish Government will direct £18.9 million into a new Aspiring Communities Fund which offers funding opportunities for third-sector organisations and community projects working to find long-lasting local solutions to poverty. The fund opens at the end of January.

The Aspiring Communities Fund will support fragile and disadvantaged communities across Scotland to develop and deliver community-led solutions that tackle inequality and poverty.  The Fund will support applications from community anchor organisations, third sector and other eligible community bodies working collaboratively to accelerate the design and delivery of enduring community-led initiatives that tackle poverty, inequality and exclusion.  It will strengthen communities, increase levels of economic activity, stimulate inclusive growth, local service provision and inclusion by:

  • Enabling communities to design and establish new or enhanced services addressing poverty and inequalities.
  • Supporting staff posts within community organisations to increase levels of economic activity.
  • Accelerating the implementation of projects and services delivering longer lasting community led solutions.
  •  The funding will support identified target groups and local priorities and the following key areas for community designed and delivered actions including:
  • Support to combat fuel and food poverty
  • Provision of childcare and social care
  • Business and management training for community bodies to increase resilience.

There will be an information event held in Inverness on 21st February, venue to be confirmed.